In place of a small page about me I thought I would just build a direct page that tells you about my interests and background. It probably won’t interest everyone but if you are one of the small few then please keep reading.

A kid I grew up playing on my BBC micro. The games I loved ranged from Elite through to Reptron (ha, I am sure some of you remember that one!). I could spend hours on the BB sitting at my gaming desk until I really couldn’t keep my eyes open any more! I even remember playing elite on a monochrome monitor until I found out the bad ship was a different color – but – how do you find it! If you haven’t seen the game or you fancy a bit of nostalgia then check out the video below.

As I grew up my gaming become a little more sophisticated as I went through the years of the mega-drive and then onto PlayStation. Although I love my PS4 now I must confess that I miss the simplistic nature of the BBC and of course the ability to program and mess about with it as a computer.

As a natural path I guess you would imagine I moved in various aspects of IT in my career. Oddly enough, I didn’t take the time to study further after school – something I regret even today but at the tender age of 18 I thought I knew everything and people who study were those who would spend their lives at a corporate desk.

As I approach middle age I find myself reflecting more and more on my life and what could have been done differently. My wife feels that we should not look back – only to the future but I am not sure that is so simple, especially with me!

I still enjoy Golf, and the fresh air but if truth be told I am happiest at my computer desk with my games – something I think that will stay with me for ever. In fact, I bet you would still find me there in 20 years when I hit the big 60!

Before I leave, I thought I would post the following video which contains some of the best games ever written for the BBC micro – something I am sure will jog the memories of some of the our readers!

If you have a BBC or used to love playing on one then please get in contact via the contact form and we can share some fun facts!