Moon Candy

Welcome and thanks for stopping by our site. I hope you will stick around or even return soon as we get things up and running. I have been thinking about building a website around this topic for quite some time and I finally found a name that I think will suit the subject matter of the website.

I have a Masters Degree in 3d modelling and simulation. The primary purpose of my education was to add value in the motor industry (and this pays the bills of course) but in my spare time I like to look at more abstract art – something similar to that found in modern computer games – with a special focus on color and shapes. Often we overlook the simple, as color and shapes form the basis of almost every advanced design we encounter – almost like the building blocks – and often complex designs are just a combination of simple abstract shapes stitched together. Explaining the concepts is hard and that is not the goal of the site but to engage in discussion with amateurs and other professionals. Although simpler in style this short video shows the type of modelling that we can create.

Many elements of modern video games are created with 3d modelling – the video below will show this in a bit more detail.



When I am not working , which is rare, you will find me either playing computer games or out on the golf course. Something about the open space and the challenge of playing decent golf excites me and keeps me motivated for improvement.

I will post some examples of my work soon and I hope to invite a couple of other experts to post and add some value to the site but for now I am just working out how the back end works to build a slightly decent website!