Moon Candy

Welcome and thanks for stopping by our site. I hope you will stick around or even return soon as we get things up and running. I have been thinking about building a website around this topic for quite some time and I finally found a name that I think will suit the subject matter of the website.

I have a Masters Degree in 3d modelling and simulation. The primary purpose of my education was to add value in the motor industry (and this pays the bills of course) but in my spare time I like to look at more abstract art – something similar to that found in modern computer games – with a special focus on color and shapes. Often we overlook the simple, as color and shapes form the basis of almost every advanced design we encounter – almost like the building blocks – and often complex designs are just a combination of simple abstract shapes stitched together. Explaining the concepts is hard and that is not the goal of the site but to engage in discussion with amateurs and other professionals. Although simpler in style this short video shows the type of modelling that we can create.

Many elements of modern video games are created with 3d modelling – the video below will show this in a bit more detail.



When I am not working , which is rare, you will find me either playing computer games or out on the golf course. Something about the open space and the challenge of playing decent golf excites me and keeps me motivated for improvement.

I will post some examples of my work soon and I hope to invite a couple of other experts to post and add some value to the site but for now I am just working out how the back end works to build a slightly decent website!

Insomnia Reveals Some Cool Gadgets

I wanted to fill you in with my recent visit to the Insomnia gaming show recently held at the Birmingham Nec. As an avid gamer (and living not too far away) this was a worthwhile trip and I thoroughly enjoyed my day! With so much too see and do I could have gone back a second day – perhaps next time.

One of the highlights was the offerings from new VR gaming manufactures – I only managed to get around to the MSI stand and also check out the new PS VR gear – both of these products are going to be huge but I was a little bit concerned about the motion sickness part – after testing for a couple of a moments I definitely felt a bit odd.

Looking at the various setups I was impressed with the variety of desks for gaming as I think its time for an upgrade as mine is a little bit too small and I have been thinking about this walker desk for awhile – its not expensive so I think I might jump in and make the investment. Having a decent space is probably as important as some of the equipment I buy!

One of the most impressive areas of the show was the Minecraft zone, with literally hundreds of machines hooked up and every single one occupied I really find it amazing how popular this game is. Considering the graphics are outdated and the game is fairly simple (from a top level view) you would think popularity would slowly wane over time.

As I mentioned before I am partial to playing a bit of golf and one of the interesting parts for me is the convergence between technology and sports. I already spend a lot of time on my golf simulator at home which allows me to focus on improving my swing (right through the cold months as well) but I can see lots of opportunities to heighten that experience through high graphics equipment and obviously projection. i think my next project will be to see how far it can go (after seeing how bad mine looks these days) and hopefully I can get my Optishot 2 golf simulator connected to the web so I can play other people in real time!

Some of the 3d advancements are truly amazing, especially at affordable prices for home users. The rate of advancement is always on the increase and soon I believe many gamers will be able to develop their own 3d worlds right from home. I played some of the new releases due out before Christmas but nothing really jumped out – I think the usual suspects like the new Call of Duty and Battlefield installments will sell in huge quantities as they normally do.  To be honest, though – I didn’t really see much that was super exciting.